Thursday, June 23, 2016


   Hi everyone! Kyle's mom Amy here. It feels weird posting here as I usually post about craft stuff on my old neglected crafting blog. So here we go. I want to help you all learn more about Kyle because there is only so much you can learn from our go fund me page. Also I will share a few more pictures here with you. Stayed tuned as I add more posts.  Also I hope to show you all the progress we make on the addition if we can raise enough funds.

   Kyle is the baby is of our family of five. He has two older brothers named Tyler and Logan. He loves the color blue. Most of time he is playing some sort of video game. Not that we don't get outside and find things to do. He loves video games and tells me tales of his games every day. I don't always know what he is talking about but I ask questions and we chat about it. 

   Kyle cannot walk and most likely never will. So I have to lift him to do various things throughout the day. I have to get him out of bed and help him use the toilet (adaptive free standing potty seat). I pick him up six times just to use the potty once. So you have an idea why we need the ceiling hoist to aid in lifting him. I also lift him to put him in and take him out of his stander once a day. Also I lift him if we need to go outside or somewhere. Also when I am sick and still have to care for Kyle a ceiling hoist would make it possible for me to still care for him. I don't have a back up to help with Kyle. It's me or his dad and he works and we need him at work. 

Here is Kyle in his stander.

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